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Ribble Rivers Trust Fishing Passport

Nick Greary sent some information about the Ribble Trust Fishing passport scheme. The passport scheme has Salmon & Sea trout fishing for £15/ rod/day, Trout fishing is £5/ rod / day. Nick says he has fished the Mitton beat a couple of years ago and had x2 very nice Sea Trout. For trout fishing:- Bashall […]

Support the Fish Legal Petition

Please Help! Fish Legal.Environmental Information Regulations 2004 are on a list of legislation that DEFRA is scrapping as part of a Bill currently progressing through Parliament.Fish Legal want to show how many Angling Clubs and individual anglers oppose their right to information about water company pollution and abstraction being taken away. We are hoping all […]


There is a survey being carried out at the moment to gather public support for the release of beavers into the wild in Wales. It is probable that the results of this survey will be used by the Welsh Government to justify releasing beavers into the wild and giving them protective status – as happened […]

Chirk Update

As a follow up to the previous post on the electric fence on our Chirk beat we have been informed that the battery has been disconnected and removed. It is currently (pardon the pun) not operating. The landowners (FCC) were alerted to Health and Safety issues regarding the fence particularly to elderly members. We may […]

Electric Fence at Chirk

An electric fence has been erected at the entrance to Chirk (see photo) to keep horses away from the farm. Members will need to unclip the fence to proceed down the track, please take care when doing this to avoid getting an electric shock. The issue with respect to grazing horses at Chirk is still […]

Boats at Glan y Wern

The following photo have been sent to me. This is how a member found the red boat today (15th Feb. 2023). The photos speak for themselves. It took him some time to clean the boat so that it was useable, there is a mop and bucket in the hut for members to use in cleaning […]

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