Club Rules

The breaking of any Club rule will make a Member liable to disciplinary action that might result in sanctions, and possibly expulsion from the Club.


    1. Membership cards and a current appropriate EA rod licence must be carried at all times when fishing Club waters. They must be shown to any authorised person or another Club Member on request.
    2. Any Member reported by an EA/NRW bailiff for fishing without a valid licence is automatically suspended from the Club from that moment. The Committee will review the situation at the conclusion of any proceedings they may take.
    3. Members must make themselves aware of and conform to EA/NRW byelaws relating to the water they are fishing and any Club rules in this book specific to the beat.
    4. Members must display the Club car sticker on their vehicle when parked adjacent to any Club water.
    5. Members must observe the “Country Code”. No dogs are permitted on any Club waters.
    6. All migratory and designated specimen fish must be entered on the website or reported to the catch return officer within 24 hours. (See note)
    7. Any Member temporarily resigning from the Club who wishes to rejoin later, must retain a Social Membership to avoid paying another joining fee. See Clause 3(d) of the Constitution
    8. The combination (printed on the Membership card) of WGFC locks must not be disclosed to any non-member.
    9. Members (and their guests) fish Club waters entirely at their own risk. Any member introducing a guest must ensure that they hold an EA licence and comply with Club rules.
    10. Strict compliance with the booking procedure is mandatory. Any Member abusing the system or found fishing without a valid booking risks expulsion from the Club.
    11. The wearing of a life jacket or buoyancy aid is mandatory when fishing from a boat at Glan y Wern or Llyn Brenig (available for loan in both locations).
    12. Maximum limit for taking salmon from club waters as follows:

         Under 2020 byelaws Members are required to return all salmon alive.

         TAS Waters are not included as some are covered by the River Tweed or other fishing codes.

         Note on Rule 6: ‘within 24 hours” is taken to mean, for example, that a fish caught on a Monday (day or  night) must be reported by midnight on Tuesday.

Members are reminded that drones are prohibited on Club waters unless specific permission is given.
Any videos taken on Club waters that are released/published on any form of public social media, YouTube etc must comply with the following guidelines if they are released/published after 1st August  2020.
The video must not contain:- Any verbal, written or photographic content that identifies a WGFC beat, access to a beat or refers to a particular beat.
This rule has been kept as brief as possible, members are expected to comply with both the spirit and guidelines above.