Author: Chris White

A Dying River?

A report on the state of the River Usk has recently been issued by Guy Mawle who was ex EA Fisheries officer. This is worth reading as although this focuses on the USK the same applies to most if not all of the rivers in the UK.

Salmon from Howards Beat Sunday 19 Sept

Jonothan Croft has reported a fresh grilse of about 8lb he caught from the ‘Slips’ at 13:50 on Sunday 19 Sept. Via WhatsApp Jonothan has sent the following photograph and short video. He was helped in landing the fish by Simon Artley, the video and photograph was taken by Alwen Cartwright. The fish was caught […]

Chester Weir Fish Counts

We have received the following information from NRW for the salmon and sea trout counted at Chester weir up to the end of August. Assuming 15% of fish enter the trap (the rest go over Chester Weir) then the run so far is approx 3,000 salmon it is likely that many of these fish will […]

Howards beat – Trouble at the Bubble!

Those who fish Howards Beat will be aware that over the winter following the land slip several trees had slipped into the pool. This had not been helped by the opposite bank cutting trees and letting them fall into the river to become tangled with those which had slipped in and were anchored by their […]

Please help the North Wales Rivers Trust

The North Wales Rivers Trust is working hard improving river habitat across the Gwynedd region which includes the Clwyd and Elwy, you can see the work the Trust carries out on their website: North Wales Rivers Trust | Creating a better environment . The Trust is run by volunteers at their own expense.  Most of […]

Once Salmon, Always Salmon?

The video below is 45 minutes long. The first part shows fishing on the Spey in April by some Swedish anglers the dialogue is in Swedish/Norwegian with sub titles. The final part is about fish farming and the damage these farms are causing to the environment and wild fish stocks, whilst the video is 45 […]

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