Author: Chris White

Teach a Child to Fish update

I took my 6 year old granddaughter to the lake on Wednesday to introduce her to fishing. I had dug out my old Hardy Fiber Light 8ft spinning rod and found an old Michell reel along with a box containing some floats. Having set the rod up in the car park we walked to the […]

Please help the North Wales Rivers Trust

The North Wales Rivers Trust is working hard improving river habitat across the Gwynedd region which includes the Clwyd and Elwy, you can see the work the Trust carries out on their website: North Wales Rivers Trust | Creating a better environment . The Trust is run by volunteers at their own expense.  Most of […]

Once Salmon, Always Salmon?

The video below is 45 minutes long. The first part shows fishing on the Spey in April by some Swedish anglers the dialogue is in Swedish/Norwegian with sub titles. The final part is about fish farming and the damage these farms are causing to the environment and wild fish stocks, whilst the video is 45 […]

Rhagatt Tree removal

During the winter storms a Willow which overhung the Dynamite pool split and fell across the river. Over two Fridays we have now removed the tree. On the first Friday we removed as much brash as possible taking advantage of the low water conditon to reach most of the branches. The second Friday saw Commander […]

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