Wynnstay Beat (TUESDAY ONLY)

For 2021 the club has taken rods on the Wynnstay Beat the top part of which is the left-hand bank opposite our Chirk Beat.

Access to the top of the beat is via the estate road which are signposted ‘Strictly Private’.  If you are travelling from Ruabon towards Newbridge on the B5605 take the first left after the roundabout this is shown as a dead end, keep left and follow the road passing through the farm and onto a track.  Stay on the track until you reach the Sun Pool field and then drive across the field to the hut, some gates have combination locks. Lock code is 1905.  There is secure parking at the Sun Pool hut if there are cattle on the field.  

There are 22 named pools on the Wynnstay Beat and each pool is numbered on a post at the pool or on the hut, the map shows the approximate location of the pools. The fishing is varied with some good fly water. It is about 2 miles in length. There are 3 huts, a luncheon hut located at the Sun Pool and 2 smaller ones at the Baby’s Bath Pool and a third at Beech’s Pool. The club has taken TUESDAY rods only.  The Wynnstay syndicate has 1 honorary member, who may fish on any day. Any legal method may be used to fish (in compliance with the NRW Byelaws).

The following are more suited to spinning/bait pools

15 Ellas Rock

16 Dipper Stone

20 Pipe Run

22 Cottage Corner

Members must record their catch details into the catch return book in the hut at the Sun Pool.  You must record the pool, method, date/time and river height based upon the gauge at the Sun Pool, this is in addition to recording your catch on the clubs booking system. 

Newbridge Trout Angling Club have access to the Wynnstay Beat but only on foot (no vehicles). We have “right of way” when fishing a salmon pool but it is rare to see anyone fishing for trout. (maybe they feel it is to far to walk!)

Hut at the Sun Pool