I hope that this finds you all safe and well.
As you may know, as a result of Covid-19 we have not been able to hold a Club meeting since the Spring but we are approaching the AGM at which next year’s Officers and Committee are elected, budgets presented and subscriptions approved. Given the current increase in lockdown restrictions that may last for 6 months it seems very unlikely that we could hold a physical AGM and therefore cannot fully comply with the requirements of the Club Constitution in the conduct of the meeting as it was drafted for life before the current pandemic environment, however we need to try to find a way of dealing with the situation.
The Committee have decided to try to hold a “virtual” AGM on Monday 16th November using the “Zoom” software that some members might have used to talk to their families or participate in other meetings during these difficult times. We appreciate that not all members will be able to join the meeting but it’s the best option currently open to us.
In order to allow for a “dry run” to try the system out we will hold a Club meeting on Zoom at 19:30 on Monday 19th October at which we will cover all the standard agenda items and update members on what has been happening, including the acquisition of more fishing for 2021.
If this works satisfactorily we will go ahead with the virtual AGM using the same method and, as long as at least 30 members are able to participate, we hope that members will agree that we have had a valid AGM.
This email is just to update members on what is going on and how we intend to deal with the AGM. I will email again around 12th October in order to advise members as to how to join the meeting so please look out for further emails. In the meantime please feel free to email with any queries.