Salmon on the last day of the Dee season

Congratulations to Jonothan Croft for reporting the only salmon caught on the last day of the season the fish was caught on the Junction beat. Jonothan says he had waded across the river and was fishing from the right hand bank on the run into Charlies as he had seen fish showing but could not cover them from the left hand bank. The fish took a size 10 fully dressed fly which he thinks is called an Aura Ally’s shrimp. The fish was weighed in his weigh net at 13lb below is the photograph of the fish, the red colour under the fish is not blood, these are leaves on the bottom, the fish was returned unharmed. Looking at the photograph it looks as if this fish had been tagged, something Jonothan had missed!

Whilst the season has been hard club members reported 46 salmon and 126 sea trout for the 2021 season – so far: the Conwy (Tyn y Cae only) is open until 31 October, fly and spin only so there is still time to improve on the total. Full details of catches will be presented at the Club Waters Meeting in the spring.