Pink Salmon invasion!

If you follow the editorial on you will have seen the follwoing;

Kind correspondents have been sending me pictures of the Pink salmon invasion (no less) on many Norwegian rivers. By corralling and trapping, involving ingenious netting techniques and huge trapping constructions, the affected rivers are trying to catch and kill for food every single Pink salmon, so concerned are they about the effect on the native Atlantic salmon, if the Pinks are allowed to migrate upstream and breed.

The Tana, a huge and once great Atlantic salmon river, on the Norwegian/Finnish border, has banned rod fishing for the last 2 or 3 years and is now reported to have over 100,000 Pink salmon. The picture is of one of the traps/cages specifically designed to catch the invaders.

The figures are frightening; in 2021 the Tana caught over 50,000 Pinks in traps, and this year, despite the traps, they think over 100,000 Pinks have escaped through and under the traps, and are now in the river (see this link Pink Is the new Black. And the Tana is far from the only affected river.

If you have a spare 20 minutes ( press fast forward if not) why not watch the video below, an extraordinary drone video of netting some of the many thousands of Pinks in Norwegian rivers?

We can only hope that the few Pinks, so far, we have had here do not proliferate anything like to the extent that they have In Norway. As if our Atlantic salmon have not enough problems already.