Pink Salmon (?) from the Dee

Darren Thelwell was fishing Bryn y Pys beat 2 yesterday (Monday 1 May) and caught what he believes is a pink salmon of about 3lb. NRW reported that Pink salmon have been caught in the Chester trap in 2019 and 2021 and as Pink salmon runs are on odd years it seems that there may have been a run of fish in 2023 – how many remains to be seen. If you catch a pink salmon these should be killed and reported to NRW, the club can report these to NRW if you record them on the catch return. The photograph below is the fish that Darren caught note the fish has a black mouth, distinct lateral line, few black spots and an extended anal fin, although not clear in the photograph pink salmon also have a spotted tail. Pink salmon absorb their scales when they enter fresh water and this fish may well have been in the river for two to three weeks.