NRW Fisheries Bulletin Jan 2020 Byelaws

We have received the latest newsletter from NRW on the work they have been carrying our on rivers in North Wales, you can read this by clicking this link: NRW Fisheries Bulletin 2020 the new Welsh salmon and sea trout byelaws came into force on 1 January (this excludes the Dee at the moment) essentially these new byelaws make it compulsory to return all salmon with a total ban on worm fishing for salmon and only single hooks on spinning baits and only the use of barbless hooks. You can see the river specific guidelines for the Conwy by clicking this link: Anglers guide to new bye-laws – Conwy . and the Clwyd by clicking this link: Anglers guide to new byelaws – Clwyd for reasons unknown the Elwy has not yet been included.  You can still worm fish for sea trout but only with a single worm on a barbless hook.  There are no restrictions on the methods used for trout fishing.