North Wales Lockdown

As some will know the Welsh Government has today (30 Sept) announced that most of North Wales will be put back under local lockdown from Thursday 1st October. This means that travel in and out of some counties including Wrexham, Flint, Denbigh and Conwy becomes illegal unless for specific purposes for which such travel is essential. It will therefore be illegal for members residing in those counties to travel into any other county for fishing. At this point in time it appears that it would still be legal for members resident in one of these counties to travel to fishing in the same county. It is still legal for members resident in England to travel into Wales to fish although this might change, especially for those resident in areas in England with a local lockdown.  Also, most of the TAS water is now in areas with local lockdowns imposed.

It is still not the Club’s intention to “police” the new regulations and, unless instructed by our landlords, our beats will remain open and it will be for individual members to make their own decisions about travelling to fishing within Wales but you should note that penalties for breaching them may be considerably higher than in the previous lockdown.