Rhagatt Otter

Brian Revell was recently fishing on the Railway Pool at Rhagatt when he was joined by an Otter. According to Brian the otter was having more success fishing than he was, he manged to take this short video of the otter:

Escaped Farm Salmon – NRW rules

We have received instructions from NRW about what to do if you catch a farmed salmon. It seems that if you catch a suspected farmed salmon in Wales it has to be photographed/recorded and returned to the river alive unlike England and Scotland where any escapee farmed salmon must be killed. It seems that NRW […]

NRW Fisheries Bulletin Jan 2020 Byelaws

We have received the latest newsletter from NRW on the work they have been carrying our on rivers in North Wales, you can read this by clicking this link: NRW Fisheries Bulletin 2020 the new Welsh salmon and sea trout byelaws came into force on 1 January (this excludes the Dee at the moment) essentially these new […]

How to access protected news posts

You may have noticed that some of the posts in the Members News link are protected. You can access these by using this years lock code on your 2019 membership card. Only news items which are strictly for members will be protected and there will be posts which are open to the general public. If […]

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