Erbistock Weir and Bryn Y Pys Beats

Myself, Bob Hall and Simon Edwards were visiting the Bryn Y Pys beats today to check on a number of matters.

Whilst there we saw that the work to remove the Erbistock weir has now breached the weir. The river below the weir was very discoloured and I guess this may be the case on occasion for some time as work continues. If planning on fishing beats below the weir you may wish to bear this in mind and have a back up plan. 

There has already been significant changes in the gravels at the head of Beat 2. Also the flow appears stronger.

Going up to Beat 1 showed another big change as the level above the weir has dropped dramatically. The river in this area looked as if a tide had gone out, with exposed banks and noticeably narrower in areas such as Lunts Pool. Again the flow appeared stronger than before. Time will tell, but in general these changes looked to make Beat 1 more appealing fly water.