Coronavirus advice and measures.

All club waters are now closed.

We have today received advice from the Angling Trust regarding the situation of the legality/acceptability of fishing as a form of exercise under the recently announced Government restrictions on travel and social contact. You can read this advice on the link below but the gist is that fishing is not currently included in acceptable forms of exercise. We are aware of the inconsistences of this position when compared to “permissible” options but that’s where we are.

As a result we have taken the decision to close Club waters and for now you will not be able to make further bookings. Any current bookings should be cancelled please and certainly not taken up. As posted on our website and Facebook page Brenig was closed by Dŵr Cymru over the weekend.

If anything changes we will advise you as soon as possible.

Stay safe.
You can read the advice from the Angling Trust by clicking the link below.,143VV,2RQV5Q,3WV8I,1