Author: Paul King

Kinmel Beat 2

The residents of Marford Mill have recently been subjected to vehicles speeding down the access road and their occupants swimming and picnicking without permission. Anglers are not being blamed but as a result the padlock on the access gate will be reinstated (code 1964) and members are requested to observe the signposted 10mph speed limit […]

Kinmel Beat 1

Members are advised that what appears to be axle grease has been smeared all over the gate in an apparent attempt to deter access. Vale of Clwyd AC (the official tenants) are aware and will be taking this up with the estate next week. Until this is resolved and, although access is not technically denied, […]

Junction Pool Hut

Members may once again use the hut at the Junction. Please resume logging catches in the hut as well as on the Club website and using the car park badges. The combination for the lock is unchanged.

Dee Salmon Due

It might be complete coincidence but those thinking about booking rods on Chirk, Howard’s, Wynnstay, Rhagatt or the Junction might be interested to know that for the past few years the salmon have turned up on the Middle and Upper Dee around the second week in June……so any time now!

Booking System – Cancellations

In the past we have encouraged members either not fishing or wishing to move to another beat to cancel out to enable other members to take up the vacancy, especially on popular beats. There have been indications that this was being abused by a small minority. Members are still encouraged to cancel bookings that they […]

Glan y Wern – Boats

Could members using a boat at Glan y Wern please ensure that they leave the boat clean, properly moored (locked) and with both anchors attached at the end of the day. There have been several complaints that boats have been left in a mess and had to be cleaned out before fishing could start. It’s […]

WGFC Newsletter – February 2021

Chairman’s Remarks It’s a year now since we’ve had a face to face club meeting. The various lockdowns have caused issues for us as a club and our members. As I write this I’m unable to drive to fish (living in Wales) but given the height of the rivers over the last few weeks, I […]

Fishing Knots

Nick Geary sent a link to a website which shows you how to tie fishing knots, this is what Nick said: “I found this site which might be of use to the membership. It has illustrations and video clips showing a range of fishing knots displayed very clearly. They also have Android and Apple Apps. […]