Author: Chris White

Bryn Y Pys Beats on Google Maps

The estate has created a map of the BYP beats on Google maps. Click this is the link: BYP beat 1-4 (beat 3 needs some updates/clarification) – Google My Maps and it will take you to the map. The map shows each beat, names the pools and where to park but you will need to […]

Catch and release tips

The Scottish Dee fisheries board recently published the following advice for anglers, this equally applies to the Welsh Dee. When ever possible keep fish in the net and do not remove them from the water. On netting a fish cut the leader and put your rod down (out of harms way) you then have both […]

North Wales Rivers Trust – newsletter

There are often comments from anglers that work carried out by rivers trusts is not doing enough for anglers – this is not their role! The role of rivers trusts is to develop and work on projects that restore river habitat and improve water quality this, in the longer term, will enable fish populations to […]

Ribble Rivers Trust Fishing Passport

Nick Greary sent some information about the Ribble Trust Fishing passport scheme. The passport scheme has Salmon & Sea trout fishing for £15/ rod/day, Trout fishing is £5/ rod / day. Nick says he has fished the Mitton beat a couple of years ago and had x2 very nice Sea Trout. For trout fishing:- Bashall […]


There is a survey being carried out at the moment to gather public support for the release of beavers into the wild in Wales. It is probable that the results of this survey will be used by the Welsh Government to justify releasing beavers into the wild and giving them protective status – as happened […]

Tracking smolt migration

This is a short video on the work being undertaken by the Atlantic Salmon Trust on the missing salmon project. This is work on the Spey and other rivers running into the Moray Firth. Similar work is being undertaken as part of the Welsh Dee LIFE project.

Once Salmon, Always Salmon?

The video below is 45 minutes long. The first part shows fishing on the Spey in April by some Swedish anglers the dialogue is in Swedish/Norwegian with sub titles. The final part is about fish farming and the damage these farms are causing to the environment and wild fish stocks, whilst the video is 45 […]

Salmon a fight for survival video

Allan Cuthbert from the Campaign for the Protection of Welsh Fisheries (CPWF) has put together a video of the life of salmon from egg to sea and back. It has taken Allan best part of 5 years to compile this video with the sequences filmed on North Wales rivers. This is well worth watching, this […]

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